Speaking Test Setup

This page will help you to set up this computer before running a Speaking Test. You may need to refresh the page as you progress through.

Speaking tests use HTML5 to run. Please use one of the supported HTML5 enabled browsers (Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge) to complete the test setup.

Operating System and Browser

Windows 7
Google Chrome
Operating system not supported: MacOS Sierra
Only the following Operating Systems are supported:
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 10
Browser not supported: Safari
Only the following Browsers are supported:
  • Chrome
  • Firefox


First, your system volume and headphone volume must be set to maximum. Show Help

System volume set

Now test your headphones using the audio, below. If it is too loud or too quiet, adjust the volume on your device.

The System volume may be too low, your headphones may be muted or there may be a problem with them. To make sure there is no problem with this website, try playing a sound file on your PC, or on another site (for example, www.youtube.com). Run this test again when you are ready. Show Help

Test Volume Set


Microphone working correctly.

Click on the 'Start Microphone Check' button and talk into the Microphone for five seconds.


Can you hear your recording and was the volume OK?

Access to the microphone has been blocked. In order to run a test it must be allowed.

If you need help fixing this problem, see this help page.

No sound could be detected. Please check that the correct microphone has been selected in the operating system and make sure that it isn’t muted.

If you need help fixing this problem, see this help page.

No microphone was found. Please make sure it has been connected and then try again.

If you need help fixing this problem, see this help page.

If you can’t hear yourself then you may have the wrong microphone selected in the operating system. If you need help, see the Microphone volume help page.

If it’s too quiet or too loud then please adjust the volume in the operating system.

Internet Connection

Unable to upload to server.

This could be caused by a poor connection or a server problem. You should not take a test until this is fixed.

An unstable connection can cause issues during the test.

Software not supported

Some of the software on this machine is not supported.

If the browser is shown as not supported, please install one and re-run this PC Check using that browser.

Computer Ready

Please use the same browser when running the Speaking test on this computer.

If you are about to start a Linguaskill or INTO test, you can go to the Cambridge English Test Portal.

If you are about to start a Empower or Testbank test, you can go to the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS).

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